Not everyone needs faxing capabilities, but those that do typically rely heavily on it. The technology behind fax hasn’t changed since its conception. Adapting cutting edge technology with old analog faxes is challenging. That’s why we offer two different solutions, both supported by a dedicated fax server with traditional phone line support.

Fax to Email

Simple as it sounds, keep your existing fax number and get a PDF copy of the faxes sent to your email account. Sending faxes outbound is as simple as open the document, and choosing to “print” it.

Fax to Fax

Still need to have a traditional paper fax machine? This solution allows you to connect your fax to your network through an adapter. The adapter will “send” the fax to our server and then out to your destination. Inbound faxes are received the same way on paper, but can also email a copy. Better yet, it works even if your fax is offline or already in use!