Why Choose SOS vs. the Competition…?

SOSphones.com was purpose built for solving the communications needs for small business. We saw a market where companies couldn’t afford to have features they needed. We continue to address these needs as the demands change.

Ease of setup. Don’t have time to really think through what you want? Let us quickly design a system with “typical” features and call flow. Then change them as needed.

Custom solutions. We won’t force you into a “vanilla” solution. We love to create a unique solution that will help you be more successful.

Multiple locations. There is no limit of how many sites you can have. Employees can work from home, multiple offices, or offsite warehouses, to us, it’s just another extension.

E911. We support true 911 calling everywhere in the US. We even have a test number of 933 that you can dial to determine what your emergency phone number and address is registered as.

Analog extensions and Overhead paging. Our background is traditional phone systems. We understand that pure VoIP doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we support solutions that can replace ALL of your existing system.

Network structure. We have dual server centers, running virtualized cloud environments which are supported by redundant internet connections and power sources.

VPN support. Have applications that need to be encrypted? We can support your VPN requirements.